Alexis's LaTeX styles and hacks

This page is a repository of various LaTeX styles and commands, primarily of interest to linguists. I have written them over the years for personal use, but I do not consider most of them “finished” enough to be distributable: some lack documentation, some lack an important feature that I still hope to add “some day”, others have quirks or bugs that I find too embarassing to admit to in a completed project. Finally, some are just minor hacks of an existing style.

Since several of these styles have gradually diffused to the LaTeX-using linguist community anyway, I am making them available as they stand. If you have a version of one of these files that you received from a friend who got it from a friend, consider updating: the version here is probably newer and better, and might even be documented.

Your feedback might inspire me to turn more of these files into proper packages. I welcome your comments if you use something you found here, and will try to answer any questions and remedy any shortcomings. Please direct messages to

Here's a recent outline of the steps involved in installing and setting up a LaTeX working environment. For more information on using LaTeX for linguistics, you can take a look at the (seriously out of date) LaTeX for Linguists page.

Mostly finished


Tree-drawing macros (already in circulation for several years). Now available on CTAN as well.

Download directory:  qtree/


Commands for drawing Discourse Representation Structures (DRSs). 

Package: drs.sty.  Documentation: drsdoc.tex or drsdoc.pdf


Simple macros to set marginal comments at a fixed distance from the right margin.

Package: jambox.sty


A style for dissertations at the Landelijke Onderzoekschool Taalwetenschap (LOT).

Download directory: lotdiss/


An unofficial style for the proceedings of the Semantics and Linguistic Theory (SALT) conference. Note: This was current as of 2002 or so.

Package: salt.cls Sample document: saltsample.tex


A doctoral dissertation style for the University of Pennsylvania.  Package: upenndiss.cls.  Sample document: SampleDiss.tex


Finished but undocumented


A bibliographic citation style for the Linguistic Inquiry format. This style is not really my creation-- I only needed to make a few modifications to the output of Patrick Daly's excellent custom-bib bibliographic style generator.  You should use it with the style natbib.sty to format your in-text citations appropriately.


Not a LaTeX style! This is a perl program that does intelligent searching of a BibTeX bibliographic database (.bib). Requires perl, which basically means a unix environment (perl is also available for Windows, but you'll have to go to the trouble of downloading and installing it yourself).


Not my creation: This is just a hacked version of cgloss4e.sty (part of the gb4e package), which is a hacked version of Covington's version, which is a hack of M. van der Goot's Midnight macros. Long live community software! The hacks in this version allow other text on the same line as the glossed sentence (e.g., a citation), and discourage page breaks between gloss and translation.

Half-baked but useful

Everything in this section must be considered alpha software: I'll be glad if it works for you, but I'll be a little amazed too.  I'll be adding links to this section as I get around to wrapping macros into files.


A small collection of macros for drawing movement arrows under text. Based John Frampton's arrow-drawing macros (also included in gb4e.sty), with several extensions. There is some documentation in the comments.

Works with any variety of TeX output (i.e., pdf or dvi/ps), but does not allow arrows to cross each other (use pstricks or something if this is what you need).

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