Introduction: Wall-mounted memorials in the Southern Netherlands

Medieval commemorative practices have been receiving ever more attention lately. This is evident by the increasing number of publications, symposiums and projects which appear each year. In the Netherlands in particular the MeMO project, which will be completed in February 2013, is aimed at facilitating memoria research in the Netherlands by providing an extensive online database of surviving memorial objects and texts. However, it is also our intention to look beyond the national borders and highlight projects in other countries. The current webpage was therefore created, to give an example of one of the foreign projects which are currently being carried out.

This webpage provides a provisional inventory, in the form of a series of PDF files, of wall-mounted memorials from the Southern Netherlands dating from c.1380 to c.1520. The inventory was compiled during the research for a doctoral thesis entitled Piety and Purgatory: Wall-Mounted Memorials from the Southern Netherlands, c.1380-1520 by Douglas Brine, submitted to the Courtauld Institute of Art (University of London) in 2006 and currently being prepared for publication.

The inventory made by the author lists all the fifteenth-century wall-mounted memorials from the Southern Netherlands. The inventory originally formed an appendix to the thesis and was intended to serve primarily as a tool for the reader, and secondarily as a provisional checklist, preliminary to a complete catalogue of the existing memorials. Although the aim was to be as complete as possible, the inventory cannot claim to be exhaustive. On this website part of the inventory is published; the website will receive updates in the future whenever possible.

It is hoped that the inventory can be incorporated (with higher quality photographs) into the MeMO Database at some stage in the future but in the meantime it is available here in this format for the benefit of interested researchers. For more information about memoria and the MeMO project, please see:

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