Welcome on the website Representations of Jerusalem pilgrims. This website offers an extensive overview of the portraits of Jerusalem pilgrims. These portraits were part of the late medieval culture of commemoration surrounding the pilgrimage. An attempt was made to make this website as complete as possible for the portraits from the Netherlands. Objects from outside that area have been added as well, but research into this field is as yet too limited to make any claim to be exhaustive. Other forms of commemoration of the pilgrimage to Jerusalem are treated less extensively, but will be referred to in the introductory texts. Additionally, an overview of tomb monuments of Jerusalem pilgrims is supplied.

Representations of Jerusalem pilgrims was created as part of the research project Medieval Memoria Online (MeMO). In this project late medieval objects with a memorial function such as tomb slabs and memorial tablets were listed and catalogued. Some of these objects show that the commemorated person(s) had made a pilgrimage to Jerusalem during their lifetime. These objects have been collected here, complemented with portraits of pilgrims that fall outside the categories researched by MeMO.

April 28, 2015: extensive update. Click here to see changes.


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