Overview of tombs of Jerusalem pilgrims

This page presents an overview of the tomb monuments of Jerusalem pilgrims. Most are recognizable by their display of pilgrimage attributes, others were included because they are known to be of Jerusalem pilgrims. Neither are all tombs still in existance: use has been made of other sources as well, notably Buchelius's Monumenta. Note that no attempt has been made to present a complete collection of tombs in any category, these are only the objects encountered while doing research on the pilgrimage portraits. Where possible, links have been made to these portraits, or to the MeMO-database. The tombs are ordered on location.

Location Buried persons Date Attributes of pilgrimage MeMO-ID Portrait
Alkmaar, church of St Lawrence (Grote kerk) Pieter Paling
Josina van Foreest
1546 yes 361 yes
Amersfoort, St George's Church
Drawing in Buchelius, Inscriptiones
Jan Knijf 1500-1600 yes
Antwerp, Cathedral of Our Lady Jacques Cuierman 1575 yes
Brielle, St Catharine's church Cornelis Gillis Stevensz. ca. 1500-1575 yes (probably) 3507
Brielle, St Catharine's church Huych Corneliszoon
Aechte Dierxdochter
1533 yes 441
Bruinisse, St James's Church (lost 1945) Cornelis Corneliss. Looeman 1563 yes 3689
De Bilt, Oostbroek monastery (lost)
Drawing in Buchelius, Monumenta
Unknown (the slab reads 'JR') 1500-1600 yes
Delft, St Hyppolitus's church (now in Oude kerk) Anthonis Bom Jacobzoon
Soetge Arentsdochter
1586 yes 1095
Dordrecht, Grote kerk
Drawing and description
Adriaan Hendriksz. Vlaminck
Mariken Cornelisdochter
1591/1599 yes
Dordrecht, Grote kerk
Drawing and description
Magdalena Adriaansdr. Vlaminck 1614 yes
Dreischor, St Adrian's church Daniel Claes zone 1537 yes 1535
Emden, Great Church
Drawing in Buchelius, Monumenta quaedam
Martinus Sensenius 1603 yes
Franeker, St Martin's church Tjalling van Botnia 1533 yes 157
Franeker, St Martin's church Juw van Botnia
Foockel van Hottinga
1538 yes 166
Glatt, St Gallus's church Reinhard von Neuneck 1551 yes yes
Gouda, Jerusalem chapel (now in Gouda, MuseumgoudA / Amsterdam, Rijksmuseum) Gijsbert Willem Raet 1511 yes 1579
Groede, Grote Kerk Jacob [...]
Jozijne van Moerkercken
ca.1500-1525 yes 1584
Egmond aan de Hoef, St Catherine's chapel (Nederlands Hervormde kerk) Jan III van Egmond
Magdalena van Waardenborgh
1516-1538 unknown (only fragments left) 3148 yes
Hirschhorn, Carmelite Monastery Church of the Annunciation Engelhard III von Hirschhorn 1529 no yes
Leiden, Church of St Pancras (Hooglandse kerk) Lourens Aerentzoon vanden Gou 1507 yes 3734
Leiden, Church of St Pancras (Hooglandse kerk) [...] Hillenz. [?]32 yes (probably) 3735
Leiden, Church of St Pancras (Hooglandse kerk)
Drawing in Buchelius, Inscriptiones
Jan Cornelisz. van Bancken 1500-1600 yes
Lövenich (Erkelenz), St Paul's parish church
Online description
Arnold von Harff 1505-1506 yes
Maastricht, St John's Church Dirk van Gellick
Elisabet de Lamboy
1530 no 2104
Mainz, cathedral Bernhard von Breydenbach 1497 no
Neustift (near Brixen), Neustift Monastery Christoph Trugses 1511 yes
Nuremberg, St Sebald's church Heinrich Ketzel the Older 1438 yes yes
Poortugaal, Our Lady's Church Lambrecht Verstoup Janszoon 1552 yes 1703
The Hague, St James's church Rochus Jacobsz. 1545 yes 3517
Tholen, Church of Our Lady (Grote kerk) Guy Anthoniszoon van Bloys
Digna van Assemansbroek
1527 yes 2428
Utrecht, Cathedral of St Martin Anthonis Taets van Amerongen 1539 yes 78 yes
Utrecht, Cathedral of St Martin
Possibly this is the same slab as this drawing in Buchelius' Monumenta: p. 35, bottom left
Unknown ca. 1450-1600 yes 2929
Utrecht, Cathedral of St Martin (now in St John's Church) Rudolf Campinck 1559 yes 2486
Utrecht, Cathedral of St Martin (lost)
Drawing in Buchelius, Monumenta
Jan Verheul 1543 no yes
Utrecht, Cathedral of St Martin (now in St John's Church)
Drawing in Buchelius, Monumenta
Johan van Bovinia 1544 yes 2494 yes
Utrecht, Domplein (originally probably Buurkerk) Unknown ca. 1450-1600 yes 3631
Utrecht, Buurkerk
Drawing in Buchelius, Monumenta
Jan van Huchtenbroek 1542 yes 63 yes
Utrecht, Convent Wittevrouwen (lost)
Drawing in Buchelius, Monumenta
Willem and Dirk van Oostrum 1532 yes 63
Utrecht, church of St Gertrud
Drawing in Buchelius, Monumenta
Steven de Witt and family 1571 yes yes: 1, 2
Utrecht, St James's church Unknown ca. 1450-1600 yes 3445
Utrecht, St Mary's church (lost)
Drawing in Buchelius, Monumenta
Jan van Scorel 1562 no yes: 1, 2
Vlissingen, St James's Church Jacob Pierssz. and his wife Seysken 1529? yes 2545
Weinheim, St Lawrence's church Philipp Ulner von Dieburg 1556 yes yes
Wittenberg, Schlosskirche Frederick III of Saxony 1525 no yes
Würzburg, St Mary's chapel Konrad von Schaumberg 1499 no
Würzburg, St Mary's chapel ? ca. 1500-1600 yes
Würzburg, St Mary's chapel Jörg Schrimpf 1556 yes
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