Best Poster Awards

Centre for Digital Humanities

During DH2019, the Utrecht Centre for Digital Humanities granted three poster awards, on behalf of golden sponsor Gale and the Gale Digital Scholar Lab. There were awards for the best poster in three categories:

  1. On how the research reflects on the conference theme Complexities
  2. A new, innovative and ‘out of the box’ poster
  3. On innovative and interdisciplinary research in line with one on the themes of the Utrecht Centre for Digital Humanities:
    • Text mining
    • Social & economic data
    • Experimental and computational linguistics
    • Social and AV-media

For the first two categories, all delegates were invited to cast their vote. For the third category, a jury selected the winning poster.

On Wednesday July 10, during the afternoon break, and on Thursday July 11, during the morning break, poster presenters will have an opportunity to present a brief preview of their poster. The official poster presentations are on Thursday July 11 from 15:30 – 17:00 hrs. The jury members will be present at these three time slots to view your poster.

In order for the jury to judge your poster, please make sure to print your poster number and paper ID on your poster. To help people who are interested in your work to contact you, consider adding your e-mail address too.

During the closing ceremony on Friday July 12, the three Best Poster Awards will be presented. Each of the three winners will receive a cheque worth €500, sponsored by GALE!

We look forward to your presentations and wish you good luck with the preparations of your poster.