Welcome to the venue of the DH 2019 Conference Banquet
@ Catharijneconvent!

This beautiful museum, a former medieval monastery, is situated in the historic centre of Utrecht.

On this special evening the entire museum, including the cloister garden, will be open exclusively to the DH 2019 dinner guests. We propose an informal walking dinner, with a large variety of food and drinks and a programme including demonstrations, talks, music and entertainment.

Take this unique opportunity to wander through a lovely museum or sit in the garden to catch up with old friends and make new acquaintances in a relaxed atmosphere.

We are happy to offer you an evening you will remember, at a place where cultural heritage and digital science meet. We look forward to meeting you on July 11 2019.

The banquet has a maximum capacity of 500 guests: please register as soon as possible!

Museum Catharijneconvent


The museum specializes in religious history, and its collection includes richly illustrated manuscripts, book bindings decorated with precious stones, richly worked images, paintings, altarpieces, pieces of clothing and ecclesiastical objects in gold and silver, ranging from the early Middle Ages to the twenty-first century. More information can be found on the museum website.

Photo: Wiki Commons
Jan Steen, A Village Wedding (c. 1670)