Transportation in Utrecht

Getting to Utrecht

If you plan to arrive in the Netherlands by plane, you will probably arrive at either Schiphol International Airport (AMS), Rotterdam The Hague Airport (RTM) or Eindhoven Airport (EIN). The easiest way to get from the airport to Utrecht is by train.
There are also car rentals from the airport, but check with your hotel/lodging as parking downtown can be expensive and difficult arrange.

Public transport

The bus system in Utrecht well organized and there are several fares and passes available depending on your needs and preferences. Usually in the summer kids under the age of 4 travel free when accompanied by an adult. Most buses drive between 06:00 and 24:00.
Of course, there are also Car Rentals, Uber, taxis, and other ways of getting around.


“When in Utrecht, do as the Utrechters”. The most popular way for transportation inside the city is the bike. It is easy to rent a bike for a couple of days and cycle to bars, restaurants, parks in and outside the city, nearby villages, your hotel, and of course the conference venue.
Due to the popularity of the bike, Utrecht has recently construct the largest bicycle parking: 12,500 bikes! See this animation.


Due to its old, medieval structure, Utrecht is perfect for discover by foot. If you stay in the city, the conference building TivoliVredenburg is always less than 30 minutes walking distance.


The main museums and sights in Utrecht usually have special precautions for disabled visitors, and the public transport system enables you to travel to almost every spot in the city. Due to its medieval setting, however, Utrecht has many narrow houses and stairs. When eating out, it is advisable to call beforehand to make sure that the restaurant is accessible by wheelchair.